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How can you identify what is wrong ??

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Trying to find out what is wrong guys since the hobby has been hit & miss so far for me...

Some context for everything else to make else:
  • I am very new to cigar smoking with so far only 4 cigars smoked.
  • All cigars were (and are still) kept in a controlled environment after purchase. That means airtight Tupperdors running on 69% (initially) and now 65% Bovedas, monitored with calibrated hygrometers and kept away from light in a relatively cool place with about 68-71 deg.F temperature.
Now, my experience so far in more detail and in the specific order smoked:
  1. Casa De Torres Corona. Smoked within the first month of purchase. A mild option which i really enjoyed. No problems with light and burn (only 2 touchups), good duration, could taste flavors, no problem with nausea or buzz.
  2. La Galera Chaveta Robusto. Smoked after the first month of purchase. A medium option which i hated. Many problems with light and burn (many touchups, 3-4 burnouts), did not finish it, could taste almost no flavor, big problems with nausea and buzz.
  3. Tabacos De Honduras Robusto. Smoked after the first month of purchase. Went back to a mild option (in case that was the problem). No problems with light and burn, did not finish it, absolutely NO flavor, no problem with nausea and buzz.
  4. Casa Turrent Serie 1942 - 1900 Robusto. Smoked close to two months after purchase. Again a mild option. Some problems with light and burn (2 touchups, 3 burnouts), finished it, again absolutely NO flavor, no problem with nausea and buzz.
So what can be wrong guys?? The nausea part can be attributed to the medium strength but everything else makes no sense. Why do i get NO flavor, especially from No.3 and 4?
All cigars have been bought from respectable and well known sellers, all have been kept under the same conditions.

  • Am i a strictly Corona guy and I do not agree with any other formats? I really hope not since all my 20+ remaining sticks are either Robustos, Toros and Churchills..
  • Are brands No.2, 3, 4 of "lower" quality? Even so, I cannot believe these guys roll sticks without planning them to have some flavor.
  • Do I smoke them too soon after purchase? If so, why the Casa De Torres was so nice after smoking it before even the first month was due?
  • Could they be too dry? How could that be? I kept them as described and also did the foot pinch-test I saw and they seemed to be good enough.
  • Is it an air circulation thing? The tupperdor is somewhat tightly packed but I do open it to let fresh air in and I have twice the number of recommended Bovedas inside (2 packs of 60gr instead of 1 for 25 cigars).
  • Is it a oil-shine-wrapper thing? I have to admit they did not seem very shiny to me but I have minimal experience to judge and my understanding is that not all wrappers are that oily to begin with.
And by no flavor I mean NO flavor, like smoking nothing..really disappointing....:poop: (n)

Help me out guys because right now I am really not looking forward to my next try..

Thanks in advance. (y)
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I store mine at 69% humidity and 68-71 Deg. I found most cigars are better with atleast 2 months of rest. As it helps the humidity stabilize and gives them some time to rest. Most cigars are over humidified when you by them. That being said I have smoked some cigars as soon as got them and they were just fine. As far as nausea and nicotine goes, smoking slower and keep a sugary drink close by. For the taste problems I have notice that can be from cigars the were ship by airplane and need prolonged rest, over humidified or under humidified.
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