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Are you smoking at a slow and steady pace (around 1 puff per minute)? As long as the cigar is burning cool, I usually don't taste bitterness.

Have you tried to "purge" the cigar? Sometimes if you blow through the cigar you can get rid of the bitterness for a while. Bitter flavors usually creep up at the end of a cigar if they happen at all. I've heard it's any one of the following: accumulated tars, stale smoke/gasses, excess moisture from storage or salivation during smoking. All of this tends to collect at the nub as the cigar grows shorter. The purge gets rid of this for a little while anyway. There have been a few threads about purging recently. You may want to search for them if you think this is why they're turning bitter.

Bitterness may be a sign of young tobacco. If it were young or going through the sick period, I think you'd taste it earlier though.

There are many more who know the science of all this; I don't. Hopefully they can clarify, correct or add to my reply.

Anyone else?

>>> Just went to the Habanos Forum. Sorry for the repetition.
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