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Homeless thanks to Joey (IR13)

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Joey sent me a bomb that landed today, and blew up my house :p

Needless to say I am humbled by this generosity.

Please bump this great BOTL's RG

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I was told the pic is down (works for me still) so I rehosted the pic of the bomb so everyone can see the carnage
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Watch out, you got a package coming too.......
You as well, this bomb made you a member of my cigar of the month club for the next year :D
Heh heh heh. :D I can't think of a more deserving target. :D

What was that Simon? You hadn't been hit yet? :p
I can :D
I was thinking of it, yes... Mike has been a good target the last 2.5 years :D
I know he was one of the people involved in me getting bombed as he was the one
who handed out my addy :mn
And ... uh ... is that a Tat Black box in the background?
Yes it is :D
1 - 6 of 50 Posts
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