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Three people die on the same day.

One of them is a Millionaire, the second is a Non-Profit Director, the third is an HMO Customer Service Representative.

The Millionaire gets to the Pearly gates and St. Peter says, "Why should I let you into Heaven?"

The Millionaire replies - "Well, I made a lot of money on earth but I gave a lot away to help those who were less fortunate then me. I knew I needed to share God's blessings."

St. Peter smiles and says "Well done, go ahead and enter!"

The Non-profit Director comes to the Pearly Gates next and St. Peter asks the same question.

The Director replies "Well, I spent my life helping and serving others as Christ would have done."

Again St. Peter says "Well done, go ahead and enter."

Next, the HMO Service Rep comes to the gates and St. Peter asks the same question.

The Rep. replies "Well, I helped people who where in need by explaining their insurance coverage to them and getting them connected to In-Network Providers"

St. Peter says "Go ahead and enter. You can stay for three days, after that you have to go to Hell!"
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