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I recently got engaged and am now looking forward to a big (stressful) wedding. About a month ago, a buddy of mine asked me what I wanted to do for my bachelor party. I thought of standard 'movie' bachelor benders that ubiquitously end with a bunch of strippers, and thought that I could do better than that. So after pondering for a while, I struck upon an idea. It would really cool if I could offer all of my groomsmen a kick-ass cigar.

So I decided to educate myself in the art of tobacco. I started with a Java, and never looked back. Initially I wanted to get a box of "The 58" by Java. But now after smoking a good portion of "The Underboss" sampler that I got from FSS. I think that I will go for a more traditional cigar. Now, through the amazing powers of the internet, I am here.

I am really digging cigars now and it is nice to meet you all.
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