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Hello again ladies and gents! I'm back again, hopefully for good. I've been very busy lately and between jobs, so now that I've got one thats stable, I should be all set. Updates: Nothing much, still smoking as usual. Just got a new box of cigars in yesterday. Already smoked 2. Anyone else heard of them? Helix X550 Maduro. It's a fairly new brand from what I've heard. They are good though. But they have a very loose draw, so you have to puff it like you aren't puffing at all and you still get alot of smoke, so they do tend to overheat easily if you aren't careful. But if you like mild to medium, or just an inexpensive "drive home" or anytime smoke, this is the one. Lot's of flavor, with just a little bite. Great to be back guys! Oh and by the way.......Love that smiley! :pu
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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