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Yeah, I know ... herfs aren't exactly what SLC is most famous for ... but, I'm gonna be in Utah on vacation starting this weekend and have set up a herf in SLC for Sat, 8/23 ... I'm thinkin' that by the time the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake that day, herfs in SLC are likely to be a lot more well known ... LOL

Several sponsors have contributed both cigars and swag and we're gonna have one terrific time ... anyone living in or near the area who'd like to come is welcome.

When: Saturday, 8/23 from 11:30am to 5pm
Where: Green Street (located in Trolley Square)

We have reserved "The Den" for the afternoon ... there'll be prizes and surprises ... looking forward to seeing you all there.

Here's a link where you can learn a little more about Green Street

Contact me (by Fri, 8/15 - I'll be gone after that) if you need more info
fromsteves at hotmail dot com
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