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Hey guys,
I've been doing some thinking lately. I have been very fortunate to come across this forum where good will takes precedent and brotherhood is encouraged. (A little deeper) In the grand scheme of things, I wish not only this way of life upon others, but in other and any aspects of life. The CS community is a good start, and I hope everyone takes these positive thoughts and compare them to their everyday life.
Now I know some of that's from the whiskey, but none-the-less.

[real point of the thread]

I've been gifted a few cigars here and there, and thought to pass some (other cigars) on to someone. I have a few sticks and my one-of-a-kind travel coolidor to gift to a newer CS member with:

<50 posts <2 trades <2 months
(give or take).

Mainly looking for someone who just needs something to store some smokes in, you know who you are!

Of course, I have to make this interesting. Answer this question!
On my wife's 21st birthday, she had an alcoholic beverage. What was it? [edit:had]

B _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R

I don't think it will take this long, but 1 guess/day/person! Good luck CS members.:tu
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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