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Hello Ladies and gentlemen,
As some of you know and some perhaps not
the land of lincoln herf is right around the corner and we could very much use your help.
So if anyway possible we would gladly accept your donations of cigars or related items or anything for that matter that we could use for auction or raffle prizes .
it doesnt matter if it is 1 cigar or 15 box's,bottle of liquor,books,pictures,lighters,cutters,ashtrays....ect.
we will put it to good use
and the boys and girls club do excellent things for the children here
making sure kids have warm shoes and coats for the cold illinois winters
and many other things but most of all it keeps these children off the streets
and away from the bad influences that can have detremental effects on their lives and on society down the line.
so Please folks give us a hand if possible at all!

you can send donations to seagarsmoker or mattr and if you want to you can send them to me

even if you cant donate and you get the chance and are free on columbus day weekend Oct 8th,9th come and join us and 70+ other Lovers of the Leaf
for the Land Of Lincoln Herf /Springfield IL

Fri Oct 8th
Preherf party at my house fishfry(walleye) and fixins,coffee,drinks of all kinds. games ,raffles,contests, and just a whole bunch of visiting and getting to meet all the other board members and some mighty fine smokes

Sat oct 9th Herf @ andiomos/charlies club downtown springfield with
auctions and raffles and perhaps some special raffles and auctions ;)

a good time is had by all
and the Winners are all of us who attend by having a great time and getting to visit with old and new friends

and The Boys and Girls (club) of springfield

as usual we (jody,matt and I) are trying to make this years event better than ever and we can truly use your help!


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I'd be very glad to donate some cigars for your auction to benefit the Boys and Girls Club --- I tried checking the Profiles - but can't come up with an addy to send the sticks to. Pls LMK and I'll get the package out in plenty of time for the LOL Herf.


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thank you gentlemen/ladies
i have recieved several replies allready asking for addresses
here is mine
kerry f doetzel
201 E. Wilcox

i am on the phone right now with seagarsmoker and i will have him post his and /or matt's addresses as well

thanks again to all

also if you are coming to the friday night preherf use my address for directions
mapquest gives pretty good directions to my address


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Hey Bruddah Jody! I got a hold of Matt... an "Aloha-Pack" will be sent to him as a donation to the LOL IV Herf! I only wish I could deliver it to you Bruddahs in person!


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