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Okay I made the plunge this week. Ordered some Cohiba Silga III which should be here by mid-week. Depending on how well this purchase goes, will also order the 3yr old set of Cohibas and some Montes.

Looked at my little desktop humidor that performed just okay with my non-ISOMs, and decided I wasn't gonna trust my new purchase to this old toy.

I ordered an Aristocrat end table model today. It was a toss-up between that and the Avollo. Was gonna wait until Monday to make the purchase but I figured why not give it a shot, if Bob's there I will get it a day earlier (maybe). Bob was there and was a pleasure to talk to. He answered all my questions and helped me decide the best configuration for my needs.

I plan on purchasing other everyday smokes as well, but decided to start with some of the better ones first (well more expensive anyway).

So far the only ISOMs I have tasted are Punch and Cohiba.

Your board has been a big help to me in making my decisions. I look forward to conversing with everyone.


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Hola (again) Senior!

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

OnePyroTec, very funny... I'll just send you one once I get a established.

This will be a great new hobby, if I don't go broke first.

I rushed home for lunch today thinking my package of Cohiba's might arrive today. No luck yet.

I'll keep you posted on Cigars.

Bob said the Aritocrat humodir would be 6 weeks so I'll have to store my smoke in the wine cooler until then.


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Got my 1st order

Looks like I spoke to soon. Just as I was leaving to go back to work the mailman was 2 doors from my house. I figure I'd wait to grab the mail before leaving. I see him put a bunch of letters and flyers in the mailbox, so I get out the car.

As I get to the mailbox he pulls out a box about the size of a 2 piece toaster and says he needs my signature. I notice the box is from the country I was exepecting my shipment from. The box was fairly light so I figure no-way are my smokes in there. I sign for the box and go back in the house.

Well imagine my surprise when I open the box and it contains a zipbag full of CZ IIIs. Whoa-hoo I take two out and put them in a cigar box to smoke tomorrow. The rest I put in the freezer to kill any beetle eggs. I know some people say this ruins the cigars, but since I have taken two out to smoke immediately, I will let you know if freezing has any effect on the others.

I can't wait till tomorrow (what time is it?).

Now I have to resist placing additional orders until my humidor arrives (6 weeks).

-Winstonb :)
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