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I was timid and bought a 30" Phillips HDTV from Costco earlier this year. It cost $700 and I have a Cable reciever for HDTV (extra $5 a month), it recieves only 12 channels at this time in HDTV. I get ABC, NBC, HBO, Discovery, PBS, WB, FOX, some others that Comcast has exclusive rights to.....I have about 200 channels but really I mainly watch only the HDTV channels because the clarity is amazing. We haven't recieved CBS in HDTV, but I hear it's in the works and will be available within the year along with 3 other channels.

I also have a 700 watt SS system that really pumps up the sound, plus the obligatory progressive scan DVD.....movies are vastly improved.

I will be moving this TV out of our rec room sometime next year and replacing it with a Big Screen. I know it is hard to wait...but, I'm hedging my bets on this factory

Good Luck! :) The HDTV experience has been great in Seattle, I'm never going back!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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