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Man ohh man what can be said truly...Except Thank you all....

Life has its twists and turns and day to day things that keep us all going left then right - or would that be right then left...
My experience through the trip was absolutely great.
It's not a herf its an adventure!

Jake and Kaeta your both such great folks thanks for everything.
These folks, go way out of their way to make people feel more than just welcome. But Kaeta the copenhagen chew - that's not a good look I wouldn't suggest you dont do again!

Man oh man - what a great host.
I sat back for the longest time a read about the Walleye cookout and it was more than I imagined..

Many thank again for all the work you put in, and the hospitality at your great place.

Ohh I just have to mention the designee from the Merrymaid service, Good Job! (hehe)

You outdid yourself.. Great job indeed.

Bro thank you again..for being who you are..

Everyone was great..
JL, thanks for the hospitality..

Ohh yeah OPT.. You where right!

It ROcked!

Thanks for everything everyon did to make the Herf Such a great event...

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