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Howdy All:

I hope you are doing great.

Just curious if anyone has experience with artisan hams? I am wanting to find American hams that you can thinly slice like the Spanish Jamon Iberico- Jamón ibérico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ??

I know you can find the actual Spanish ham in the US now but I would like to try what we may have manufactured here.

Best regards, tony

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This guy has won more awards than I can count. Supposed to be the best dry cured guy in the country. I sent my father and father-in-law his bacon for father's day two years ago. I didn't get to try it, but want to (they love it). He used to have prosciutto, but don't know if he still does. You can call and find out.

Benton's Hams

I've read Thomas Keller sources from him. Here are some reviews.

Review 1

Review 2

Review 3
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