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coppertop is a HALO JUNKIE!! he was so hooked on the first Halo, that we all bought the PC version of it and use to link all of us at work and play 5 on 5... was a blast..

i'm not a fan of the PS2 or XBox, simply cuz i'm not familiar with the buttons, knobs, triggers, etc. but i could play the hell outta sega and all the nintendo thingys when i was single.

anyone play MEDAL OF HONOR online? coppertop and i belong to a big group of guys (they call them "clans" - i still can't believe i'm in one, just cuz the name has other meanings i don't like to be associated with). but we kick ass... i hadn't played in well over a week, then i hopped on during my 1.5 days at home between trips... didn't miss a beat, was the highest scorer with over 30 something kills and only died 5 or 6 times. i was happy.
:{bbf}:Im-Ho-Tep rules!!
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