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I ordered these from JR's to get the jar and hopefully be able to tolerate the smokes. What I got was a bundle of very good cigars with a jar to boot.
An attractive Cammie wrapper wrapped in cedar. Pre-light aroma was nice and strong, punched the cigar with no effort or damage to the cap, and the pre-light draw was effortless with a nice hint of caramel.
Lit and smoked like a champ, construction was excellent, no burn problems at all. The taste was rich and creamy, medium bodied, and some sweetness carried throughout the smoke. The finish was strong and satisfying, with an aftertaste that sat heavily on the back of the tongue. I will buy them again even without the jar!
In the meantime, I bought another jar, Lonsdales this time, and a fiver of Robustos that came with a large nifty ash tray.
This was a weekly special at JR's and with some of the weekly deals I've purchased I end up asking myself WTF am I thinking? Why do I keep doing this? That was not the case this time. This truly was a bargain.

Re: H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Corona

I got the belicosos and love them. I just checked JR's to see if they were still being offered at the weekly special price (they were discounted on the upmann page for about a week after it ended), but they're back to full price now. Oh well, I should have got two jars while I could.
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