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I was reading through some old post on another forum. I happened to get into some post on MMs. It seems some of these are real "sleepers", yet often shunned by some folks. After a few weeks I figured I needed to try a few and see for myself. Some popular ones seemed to be La Corona..Piedra...Por Larranagua...H.Upmann... and Quintero. I read Lamars mention about the La Corona PC that he got from the Bird, so I knew that was a good one, also Rob likes the Quintero Brevas so that one has to be good.

I decided to try the H.Upmann Regalias (machine-bunched&hand-made). There is a gentleman from Canada on this other forum whos opinion I also have come to respect. This is his excerpt from his review of the Regalia that caught my attention.
"And they positively love time in the humidor, developing notions of leather, nutmeg, toast, cedar, honey and moist earth in the process". The boy has a hell of a palate!
I have enjoyed the No. 2s and also the 98 PCs that Bird turned me onto and the flavor profile suits me. I placed an order for a box from 98 and got them in a couple of days ago.

I smoked the first one as soon as I opened the box. I fired it up and the damn thing ran like a scalded dog for the first inch. I made a bon fire correcting it and the last half burnt fine with a definite toasty and cedary taste. I waited about 24 hours and the next one burnt nice and even (patience, let them settle and rest) this one opened up with a mouthful of that Cuban twang and a touch of sweetness, but just a hint. A nice smooth Cuban tobacco taste ( the sinuses don't lie ) with a taste of toast and cedar to the end with a perfect burn and an ash over an inch before it fell. I smoked the third and fourth one today ( 48 hours ) and was greeted with that wonderful Cuban twang and a lot of smooth and creamy smoke for the first half and then the toasty cedar and then finishing with a leathery and woodsy taste. Both of these burned evenly with no touch up necessary. They are firm to the touch with a rustic wrapper and they won't win any beauty contest. I am impressed with both the bang for the buck at $3 and change and more complexity than I thought would be there. This is a very enjoyable smoke for me and I'm looking forwards to the rest of the box.

This gentleman also mentioned the H.Upman Majestic. I decided what the hell and ordered a box of 01 Majestics and two more boxes of the 98 Regalias. I will be well stocked for the upcoming Spring Salmon fishing and the ocassional trip to the golf course or for any other reason.

I'll be trying out a few more of these MMs over the next few months to see if there are any others that trip my trigger.

The MM out there sure are a bang for your buck. My fav was Partagas mille fleus that came in a box of ten. I have not seen them around since '99 or '00. The mille fleurs in a box of 25 are not even close to the same, I don't know why!

Thanks for the review and the reminder not to over look the "sleeper smokes."

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Hey okie,

nice review. I've got some Quintero Londres just sleeping in my humi from Dec 02. They should be quite taste once they get some humidity to them. I have been impressed with the MM I have tried. I also tried a Brevas and they are also good, but I prefer the Londres.

I'll keep an eye open for those Upmann Regalias.

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