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Got this one from me mother.

There's a newly born baby sitting in a basonet (sp?) looking up at the person peering down at him. The baby asks, "Are you my daddy?" The man kindly informs him that he is not the baby's father. "I'm your uncle there little man, but i'm sure your daddy will be here real soon."

Pretty soon a new person is peering at the new born buddle of joy. Again the baby asks, "Are you my daddy?"

"No," the man replies. "I'm your Grandpa, your daddy will be here real soon though."

Soon the Grandpa leaves and a new face appears above the baby. And once again the baby asks, "Are you my daddy?"

"I sure am big guy," the man replies.

"In that case," the baby says, "could you lean down here a little closer."

"Ok," the baby's father replies as he leans in close to the child. "What can I do for you," the father asks.

"Come a little closer please," the baby responds. Then when the father gets close enough to his child the baby reaches out and violently begins to beat his father on top of the head and shouts, "HOW THE HELL DO YOU LIKE IT YOU SOB!"

When my mom told me the joke she beat me on top of the head. I laughed so hard i almost puked :pu

Thanks mom.
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