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Great Cigar Shop in Georgia

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First a disclaimer! I am in no way affiliated witht his store and am receiving nothing for this plug - just had a really good experience and thought I'd tell everyone.

Just wanted to let all of ya'll know about a cigar store that I visited while on a business trip/vacation down on St Simons Island, GA. The name of the shop is The Cigar Guy. I believe the owners first name is Alex (great name - its mine too). The Cigar Guy is located in Redfern Village and has the most cigars/tobacco/pipes per square foot that I have ever seen. The owner was very helpful and extremely knowledgable about cigars, etc. Their house brand cigar comes in a natural and a maduro wrapper in a variety of shapes and sizes. We tried a variety of the Cigar Guy brand cigars and enjoyed each one. I'm always a little skeptical about house brand cigars, but these were very good.

If you are ever down in the St Simons/Jekyll Island/Sea Island area stop by and check out the selection there. They also have a website there but the selection on the site doesn't do justice to the selection there.

Anyhow, thought I'd let ya'll know about this store. Might be a little off topic on this board but oh well.
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I spent just about every day there while I was working in Brunswick. They do have a good selelction of cigars. He did also have a decent selection of pipes. I did pick up 2 pipes while I was down there. If it wasn't for Alex, I would have probably gone nuts while living in that tiny town. LOL If you want to see even larger walk in humidors and pipe selections, come to Atlanta :w
I believe I met Alex in Clearwater back in 2000. Still have a card in the rolodex with the logo from the website, so it must be the same Cigar Guy!

I'll have to stop in next time I'm in the area.
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