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As a preface before i being: I am slightly intoxicated so if this review isnt good....I can blame it on that.

Smoked a gran habano #5 tonight...took it out of the wrapper, wow it was dense, dark, oily, and aromatic. Smelled delicious.

Light it up, puffed, mmm.

Tasted similar to the #3 so cross apply the nuttiness. It seemed stonger in a way but also slightly harsher. I must say I prefered the #3 but im not sure if it was due to circumstance or the actual smoke. I was with some non-smokers who were urging me to finish so I had to smoke quicker than I normally would. However, I still enjoyed every puff. Very clean and clear, if that makes sense? I could taste every different flavor aspect and it wasnt muddled at all. Loved it.

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