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Govee Thermo/Hygrometer Digital Sensor

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Curious due to the posts by @gtechva on the Govee Thermo Hygrometer I decided to take a crack at one. I chose to try the "Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5179" from Amazon. The web site specific to these thermo/hygro units is here: Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer

Short review:
I really like it and highly recommend it!
There is no sign up necessary to view the data so that's a HUGE plus for me! However, data retrieval is only possible via the Bluetooth connection. Super-accurate hygrometer for monitoring your cigar needs or anything else where humidity monitoring is necessary.

Longer review:
Here's what the home screen looks like on my Android smart phone after making the connection:

The vertical bars with text under them on the chart show where I put alarm limits. Should the temp or RH% go outside these settings I'll a notification on my phone but only if I'm in Bluetooth range. See the battery icon in the upper right corner, next to the Bluetooth symbol? That let's you know the unit's battery strength. Another nice touch!

A side note: Govee has other devices, in particular LED lighting, which is why the home screen has additional "stuff" present.

These next two screen shots show customizable settings.


For calibration I put the unit in a sealed bag with a Boveda 69% for 24 hours, which was more than enough time. As we can see, the calibration only needed a positive 0.2% adjustment!

The app is well-designed with a really good UI (User Interface). Additional help & features from the app:

Here's the good stuff, the charting! You can zoom in/out by "pinching" either chart on the screen. Zooming one chart automatically zooms the other so temp & humidity can always be seen together and thus relative to each other. Here I zoomed out and we can see (reading left to right) when I turned on my Govee and put it in the calibration bag up to the time I took these screen shots:

The "Avg" (average) line automatically moves in relation to the visible data.

Here I tapped the Day tab and it displays the results for the current day. Tapping once on a chart will bring up a vertical marker with a tooltip that displays the measurement, time, and date. The marker can be dragged across the chart to view the various data points. Tapping it again will remove it. The charts are independent of each other in this regard as we can see I only have the RH marker displayed for 1:22PM on May 9th.

The closest we can zoom in to is a 30minute period. By dragging the vertical marker (not the tooltip) across the chart I see that the unit takes a reading once per minute. That's pretty good resolution to me! Zoomed in also allows me to drag the chart left or right to view prior or later times. Nice!

Here is the smallest widget, a 4x2, of the three available widgets that can be placed on a home screen:

Too large for me plus I prefer to be in the app and view the charts when I want to check up on things. As can be seen by the drag icons on the borders of the widget, it can be sized larger and thus not have the RH% squished against the right edge.

The little white box to the right of my Cigar Oasis Excel 3.0 is the Govee unit:

Since the discharge of humidified air from the COE3 exits from the grill on the left side my Govee unit isn't directly in its path. So far my other external hygrometers are in relative agreement with the Govee (y)

From what I can gather, setting up an account which then allows the use of the internet (typically one's home Wi-Fi) would allow updates and notifications anywhere there's Wi-Fi or online in one's account if using a computer/laptop. Which means downloading the data into a file may be possible...I don't know at this time because I don't have an account but I'm thinking about it. I'll update if I do ;)

So, if you're looking for a quality digital hygrometer I say look no further than the Govee 💧🌡

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-- Update --
The last two months-ish I noticed that the flavors seemed to be muted or pretty much gone from ALL of my cigars that I had been smoking. At first I was attributing it to my age but food & drink I ate still tasted the same. Odd. So I ran some experiments and discovered that my Govi unit had drifted out of spec by almost +6%!

I'm running my humidor at 65%-66% so that means if the reading is high I then reduce the amount of humidification on my Cigar Oasis Excel. Trouble was, I had my COE down to "turning on" at about 60% and my mechanical hygrometer (which is +5 years old and still quite accurate) was showing that low as well. Those two checkpoints, along with low/no flavor, prompted me to verify the Govi since I know under-humidified sticks don't have flavor.

After some calibrating (in-app) with Boveda 69% and 72% I have the Govi dialed back in and my COE back up to 66% as I'd rather error on a tad higher humidification than too low since I figure 65%-68% is an acceptable range for me.

While I still recommend this device I also recommend having a secondary unit (redundancy) for verification. However, as many enthusiasts will state, using an ugly tuppidor and Boveda is likely the most reliable, idiot-proof option*.

*I have no experience with wine-a-dors but unless one is buying a crazy expensive unit the accuracy & reliability of many reviews I've read about vary too much for my comfort.
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