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It just seems fitting that this is where I entered CigarLive so this is where I shall exit. Recently,with all the bannings and scrambling of passwords,I have all but completely refrained from posting here for fear of not being able to speak my mind. This is not what CL was when I signed on and it is not what I want from a community I am a member of. YAHOO= You Always Have Other Options. And I am now choosing to seek another option. My most sincere thanks to "smokinj" for having enough faith to do a 1st trade with a newbie. I would give you the $40 shirt off my back my friend! And I tip my $30 hat to my other friends here as well all over the world. I have met quite a few here and I will continue to answer your PMs. Ego venit, ego video, ego mortuus.

Goodbye,cruel world,I'm leaving you today,
Goodbye,goodbye,goobye. Goodbye all you people,
There's nothing you can say,
To make me change my mind.

--Pink Floyd--
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Not open for further replies.