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I figured we needed to get a little conversation going here on the pipe thread. So here goes!


The Bowl

1) A fresh bowl of tobacco that tastes bad from the first light, but certainly by the true light, will never taste good.

2) A bowl that starts out so-so can improve but probably not be great.

3) A bowl that starts out good can become great.

4) Any bowl can eventually go down hill. Most do.

The Day

a) If the first bowl of the day tastes bad, all subsequent bowls will taste bad.

b) If the first bowl of the day tastes good, all subsequent bowls will taste at least pretty good.

c) The day ends before dinner. After dinner you get a fresh start.

The Drink

I) Coffee makes any bowl taste better but can't redeem a bad bowl.

II) Cough syrup makes any bowl taste bad, except Cult Blood Red Moon!

What say you gentlemen? Are my calculations off? 馃槣

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I鈥檒l have to say that you鈥檙e pretty much spot on. Here lately I鈥檝e had quite a few bowls that start of good or even great and by the halfway point start to fizzle out. These are blends that I鈥檓 very familiar with in proven pipes. I blame the weather for this, the last month or so weve probably averaged 90% humidity, even tobacco that started off bone dry is a soupy, gummy glob by the end of a bowl.

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Being down here in Houston, and only smoking outdoors, I've dumped so many half bowls that resembled a spent pinch of long cut snuff that I've lost count.

The coffee and tobacco synergy is real.
Whisky and pipes play well together too.
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