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Every Saturday morning, the man goes fishing. He gets up early, makes his lunch, packs his gear, hitches up his boat, puts the dog in the truck, and the two of them go out fishing for the day.

One Saturday morning, after leaving the house, he finds the weather to be absolutely horrible ... not only is there a torrential downpour, but there's snow mixed with the rain and a 50mph wind is blowing.

He returns the truck and the boat to the garage and he and the dog come into the house where he checks the weather channel and learns that the weather will be bad all day.

He tiptoes up the stairs, quietly undresses and slips back into bed, cuddles up to his wife's back, and whispers, "The weather out there is just awful."

She sleepily replies, "I know ... can you believe that my stupid husband has actually gone out fishing?"
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