You may have seen a mention of "tobacco bombs", but maybe you're not sure exactly what it means. Whether you're confused or intrigued, you're in luck, because this post will tell you everything that you need to know about pipe and tobacco bombs and why they're so popular. If they sound up your alley, we'll even give you pointers on how to get in on the fun.

So, What Are Tobacco Bombs?

First thing's first: pipe and tobacco bombs are gifts sent to forum members that contain tobacco and/or other goodies as a way of spreading the love and (hopefully) giving a gift that the member will enjoy. They take the form of unsolicited gifts that are sent in the mail, allowing you to express the positive sentiment that you have for a member in a fun offline manner. The "bomb" should come as a surprise to the recipient, giving them the excitement of opening the package to see what goodies it holds inside.

What's in a Tobacco Bomb?

The contents of a tobacco bomb will vary, depending on what the sender wants to put in it. In some cases, the package will have a few different types of pipe tobacco for the recipient to try. Other packages might contain a pipe, too. Sometimes a bomb will only have a single type of tobacco along with a few different pipe tools. You might even get a package that has candies, toys or other goodies mixed in as well. That's part of the fun, not knowing what you're getting until you actually open the package.

Who Can Send and Receive Tobacco Bombs?

Anybody who's active in the forum can receive a pipe and tobacco bomb, so long as they have their address listed on their profile and somebody wants to send them one. In order to send one, the user has to have at least 100 posts and have been a member for at least 90 days; before reaching those thresholds, users aren't able to see addresses on profiles. Members aren't allowed to ask anyone else to get addresses for them.

What to Do If You Get Bombed

If you're on the receiving end of a pipe and tobacco bomb, be sure to acknowledge it in the forum. This can be as simple as a "thank you" post to acknowledge it, but you can also have some fun with it. Your acknowledgment can be excited, can feign offense, or can even act like the recipient was a tragic event with a full play-by-play of the "devastation" that ensued. There is no right or wrong way to acknowledge a bombing, so long as you keep the contents a secret if requested to and don't cross the line between acting wounded and actually being rude or ungrateful. Remember that it's all in good fun, even if the sender might have missed the mark a little with some of the contents.

Do You Need to Bomb Users Back?

If you feel like it, you can certainly send a tobacco bomb back at the person who bombed you. In most cases, though, pipe and tobacco bombing uses more of a "pay it forward" system and recipients target others who are deserving of recognition for how they make the forums a better place. Bombings aren't considered a trade and you don't owe anything to the sender, so if you do send them something make sure it fits into the fun of the whole thing.

How Do You Build a Tobacco Bomb?

When it comes to building your own tobacco bomb to send to someone, the possibilities are endless. If you can, try to align the contents to their interest and things that you think they'd enjoy. If you want to include some fun items or things that you're pretty sure they've never tried before, go for it. The more fun you have putting it together, the more fun they'll likely have unpacking it once it's received.

Have you ever received a pipe and tobacco bomb (or sent one)?