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I think this is only my second review and it's at dusk with an iPhone camera, sorry. I'm not going to spend any time talking about how this cigar came to be, most of you already have read about it BUT I will say that supposedly it has been sitting in the La Aurora aging room for three years just waiting to have reason to come out. Who really knows if thats true.
Pairing: Lemon water and Desmond Dekker in the stereo.

Construction looks flawless. A few lumps and no soft spots . Pre-light is.... I don't know, i not good at pre-light notes.
First third is great! Lots of smoke. Bolder than I expected. It's kinda reminding me of a Monte #4 to be honest. But not as distinct of a flavor profile. Can't really give you a flavor description.

Second third:
The burn is not 100% perfect but it's close. The ash is dark gray and flairs out like a Nub ash does.One thing is for sure, this is not your typical La Aurora stick, although I do love their #4s. It's a good dark tobacco taste. a bit earthy, like.... a dark amber? Yea I think that is it exactly, a dark amber flavor.
I touched up the burn here, not because it really needed it but I was worried it might get there. The ash is still on there firm.

Final third:
Mosquitoes are eating my leg UP! Ulgh I hate that. Also this thing just took a dump. I had to touch it twice.. HAD to. Once the ash fell and gave me this ugly thing, it did improve. This was the sweet spot. A faint fruity nuts. To be honest, this isn't the greatest smoke I've ever had. I wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't great. I would still say it's a good value at $8 simply because it was good and it does go to a good cause. I honestly think it will be great if I let it sit until next summer. It was just a tad harsh this time around.

This is the third stick since last night and the only one I didn't nub. I would give it a 85 but I do think it will get better.
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