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First Trip to Casa Fuente

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I wanted to tell you guys I did get to go to Casa Fuente in sunny Las Vegas over this past weekend. I thought the selection of Opus and other fine cigars such as Ashton was incredible. The prices weren't bad for Vegas, considering that it's very hard for me to even find, much less be able to hand-select some good Opus's.

I met with Andrew (Scottish Smoker) around 8 p.m. after we both made good on saying we would call one another. I think it's awesome that a brother would go out of his way to meet a total stranger, and we enjoyed some good conversation about life, work, cigars, and more cigars. I have to admit I was a little out of it, and I'm sure Andrew could tell that my eyes were about to roll back in my head as I sipped my mojito and enjoyed the house special -- Casa Fuente! I loved the cigar, but it's strength nearly kicked my ass after spending all day drinking beers and floating around the lazy river at the MGM! I wanted to buy a coffin, but couldn't pull the trigger at $75 per. I did get some nice toro sizes, an Ashton ESG, and 3 CF's - one for there, one to save and one for my dad, which I'll deliver this weekend.

While in Vegas, I hit the MGM Davidoff shop twice. Although pricey, the selection was great, and the quality of their humidor -- amazing! Never have I enjoyed a Robusto so much. I took a late-night trip into the shop and selected the Millenium. It was my first one, and I couldn't believe the quality of the Davidoff product. I popped in and bought another one to bring home. I already smoked it:hn.

The bar I sat at was very accomodating to the cigar, and they gave me free fat tires while I chimped away at video poker for a couple hours. All in all, it was a great trip. I can post a couple pics later when I get home from work if you would like.
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