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Firefox vs. Flock web browser

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I've been using Netscape for years and am now using version 8.1.3. I get a pop up saying Netscape no longer supports N.S. and it wants me to migrate to "Flock". I do use I.E. for some applications that wouldn't run well on Netscape (like Club Stogie) but always liked Netscape better because it ran faster and, probably more importantly, it's what I'm used to.

I did a little googling on Flock. I don't " blog, use Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and other services." All I want is a danged web brower. I use G-mail and run it through Thunderbird. I do like tabbed browsers (and haven't updated I.E. to the tabbed version as I was afraid something would screw up. (Sometimes, "new and improved", isn't.)

It seems like I've been getting lock-ups with Netscape more recently and hope whatever I switch to will be better.

So, "Flock" or "Firefox"? What the "word in the jungle"?

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FF is the way to go. The Add Ons are awesome. Foxmarks is a great bookmark tool that keeps you bookmarks on a server and you can download them at any computer your on. It also synchronizes your bookmarks as well. Not too mention Firefox has automatic Spell Check that will underline the word and offer corrections just like MS Word. Best Browser out there.
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