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He was warned it was coming. It was clear from the beginning. The Ninja would come for him, sonner, or later.

The Ninja came for them all. One by one, they were Ninja'd.

Some stood fast, and were slain where they stood. Most never saw it coming unless the Ninja wanted them to.

Some ran scared, and deserted, thinking that would save them. Most say it was the Ninja, made 'em run. Most were cut down by the Ninja's blade before they had the chance. Only a few deserters made it out alive. Oh well. Made the Ninja's job easier.

The deserters know what they once were. He'll come for the them soon enough. They can't hide from their past. They will pay for their sins.

But that's for another day. Today, the Ninja finishes what he started.

The Ninja warned them. Warned them all, he did.

Their leader fell first.

Their founder falls last.



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Brain: He's been taking a beating lately...

Pinky: But we were not deserters...

Brain: No Pinky, we just resigned, and moved on...
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