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Hey everyone, I guess this is the most apropriate spot for this post, but I'm interested to see what some of your favorite smokes are and why.
For me the everyday smoke would be the Padron Londres Maduro. I love all the Padron lines the body and Aroma are always balanced and taste so good, and look so sexy. I wouldn't mind a little better construction on the cap though
Next would beTrinidad Fundadore, this is one of the most elegant looking smokes out there, simple bands let the tobacco speak for itself, great for the bar or restaurant. Awsome construction and flavor.
Then, let's see, the La Aurora Cien Anos, all sizes are right up their, one of the best cigars I've had in a while, as well as the Oliva Masters blends Torpedo. Opus X and Anejo's are great most of the time but no cigar is worth that money to me when I can smoke a padron and be just as satisfied, good thing Cigars are a perk of the job at a cigar Company for that treat once and a while. What are some of yours???
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