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Fat Bottom Betty Review (4.5/5)

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First thing I notice is the draw is really loose, Very nice sweet cocoa and earthy flavor on the first third, the flavored tip really accents these flavors, very smooth until towards the end of the first third then it gets a nice pepper on the retrohale. Burn is consistent on the 1st third 2nd third the sweet tip is starting to fade, still has a nice sweet cocoa and the earthy tobacco flavor is getting a little stronger, no touchups needed yet but the burn is not perfectly even. The pepper on the retrohale has started to dissipate a bit to a sweet woodsy maple note. Ash lasted till right at about to the start of the final third. No touchups needed. Start of the final third the sweet cocoa and turned into more of a woodsy maple note and noticing just a hint of pepper on the tongue. Retrohale has a nice wood note. The last half of the final 3rd was really nice but the smoke was pretty hot. It had a really nice peppery oak taste with a hint of milk chocolate. Even though it was burning my lips a bit I found myself going back for those flavors. I definitely give this cigar a very high 4.5/5
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wasn't a huge fan of the one I had but the friend that gave it to me thought of it as one his favorites. After your review I will try it again
My brother's girlfriend keeps wanting me to try this one. Maybe I will give it a go
I always thought they were infused.
Recently learned different.
Not infused but I have a strong feeling it uses pipe tobacco in it.. the blend is TOP SECRET tho... lol
I tried one and just ordered a box of them . I really like them .
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