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Hey all,
Thought you might be interested in this tidbit from Famous Smoke Shop. Note, the 'I' doing the talking is the guy from Famous.

SURVEY FOR March 2nd: Do you belong to an online cigar community/group or bulletin board?

1. Daily - How many times a day?
2. Weekly - How many times a week?
3. Monthly - How many times a month?
4. Rarely

Although the response to this survey was a bit on the light side, there were enough to see a clear pattern. The majority of respondents who were members of a cigar community visited on a daily basis, usually several times a day. Many also belonged to more than one group, some of which I have listed below.

The only other response that had any significant numbers was "rarely," and a trickle of responses came up with "weekly."
What this survey seems to say is, most active members see it as a commitment. In observing some cigar groups, I've seen members posting cigar "reviews" even trading cigars, not to mention a lot of ribbing each other (I have been run through the gauntlet, myself) all in the name of fraternal fun.

Here are some of the more popular cigar groups that came up in the responses. If I left one out that you'd like to plug, please send me the name and the link and I'll post it later.

Herfer's Paradise:
Cigar Family:
Cigar Pass:
Club Stogie:
Cigar Utopia:
Cigar Wise:
Cigar World Herfboard:
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