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Formula 1 Fantasy League

Hey guys, I’d like to get an F1 fantasy league going using the F1 Fantasy League site. I’d like to get about 3 or 4 more people to signup and create a friends and enemies league to keep track of our fantasy league here and at CW. Please make your team name your CS or CW handle if you can.

It costs £10 to enter (it was only £5 last year )

Check out the site for prize info and the “How to play” section for details on how the league works, how points are scored and the competition structure. If you have competed in a F1 Fantasy League on a different site for free please let me know and I will check it out. (I have not signed up yet)

Here are my rules…some open for discussion. ( Thanks Todd )

1. Please have at least 100 posts and 5+ trader comments (PM me if you don't meet these and we have traded before)

2. We will be playing for habanos only

3. Your points will accumulated for four races up to the Belgian GP, then the last 3 races will count, as well as through the season. After every fourth race a winner will be determined for that portion of the season based on accumulated points for those four races, this is going to be separate from the season total which will accrue concurrently. In the event of a tie after the four races the next race will server as a tie-breaker to get a winner (the points will also count for the next four race portion).

4. Once a winner is determined for those four races each member will then mail three smokes to the winner. (About once every 4 or 5 weeks) That means that every fourth race one winner will receive 15 cigars if we have 6 people total.

5. The next race, the four race points will reset but the season total will continue to grow. Every fourth race a winner will be determined and sticks will be sent.

6. When the season ends the player with the most points will be crowned the 2005 CigarWeekly/ClubStogie F1 Fantasy League Champion and will also receive 3 sticks from each member. That means the players need to be prepared to mail six sticks, potentially to two different people, around October 16th, 2005.

Here are the details on how the friends and enemies league works:

As well as being entered into a mini-league (Prize League), you are also able to set up your own private league (Friends and Enemies League) and can use our Challenge A Mate feature to goad your friends and colleagues into taking you on. Here you'll fight for the greatest prize of all - your pride! Your league features a bulletin board solely designed for you to wind up your fellow league managers. The winner of each Friends and Enemies League with six or more participants receive a 2005 Fantasy League F1 gold medal.

If you are interested please PM me with:
1. Your CW or CS handle
2. Your real name
3. Your E-mail address - used to organize the friends and enemies league
4. Your snailer
5. What type of smokes you want to play for.

Participants will be in the order of PM's I get. I'd like to keep it around 5-6 people total...I could go up to 10 and make the four race portion 2 smokes instead of 3 It will depend on the response.

PM with info or questions.

I have 2 guys from CW so far.....looking for a few other F1 fans to join in.
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