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First, I just want to throw out big Kudos to Marc.

I received my shipment of Esencia cigars this week and was extremely impressed with not only the cigars but the packaging as well. This brand was obviously well planned and no expense spared at its creation.

Starting with the boxes, they are beautiful wooden boxes painted black with silver logo and text. They really give the impression of a much more expensive cigar than the cost would imply (nice job Marc).

The sticks themselves have perfect construction and all the sticks that I have looked at are just as nice as the last.

Smoking (most important

The cigar cut nicely and looked almost too nice to smoke and the foot was perfect.

The foot toasted perfectly and the burn was consistent throughout the entire smoke. I did not have to touch up the cigar at all and it burnt evenly the whole time. The draw was perfect as well and the cigar produced a lot of smoke. I am not big on listing the different flavor in a cigar, so I will just say this cigar had a very tasty flavor. It was not too strong but definitely had a little bite to it. I would say it is definitely right in the medium-full body category.

I would highly recommend this smoke, it was a pleasure to look at and a fantastic experience.

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