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Good day fellow Puffers! My good buddy Evonnida and I are looking to start a movie pass! :playball:

Here is how it is going to work...Erich and I will each start the pass with about 7 DVDs each (14-15 total) Old and new, all types of genres are welcome! Each participant will be allowed to exchange a MAXimum of 4 movies, each movie that the participant takes will be replaced with another movie of "equal" value (your Puts).

DVDs must be real (no bootlegs) and be in good condition! Case and artwork must be intact as well. Small scratches are fine as long as it does not affect playback!

This is going to work very similar to a Cigar pass but it will be done with movies instead, Puts & Takes should be listed in this thread so other participants came chime in...this is something new so discussing the trades I believe would work best! Cigars are welcome for the next participant but are certainly not required.

If you are interested just throw your name down in the thread.

All participants must have at minimum ONE positive trader feedback. All members must be able to ship the pass back out within 3 days. Duplicate movies are welcome ONLY if there is a lot of interest in it.

DC# is REQUIRED for each package...and perhaps insurance...we will talk about that once we get enough people.

1. Rock31
2. Evonnida
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