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Once again a long, hard day in the ER was rectified by a bomb.

I was met at the door with my wife rolling her eyes and pointing to the dining room table. On it sat a different-looking cardboard box, but with the all-too-familiar tick/tick/tick!

Knowing that I did not order anything from Michigan, I carefully opened it. BOOM - aromatherapy at its finest!

Jon (Wingfan13) sent me a beautful selection of cigars - none of which have a ever smoked (I do have one of them but have yet to enjoy it).

Ghurka Master Select
Oliva Angel 100 La Joya
Unbanded Torpedo
Natural Green Hero by Drew Estate
Black Beaty by La Perla Habana​

Thank you very much, Jon!!!!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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