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I only rarely smoked cigars until a couple of months ago when a friend turned me on to a Mikes Cigars catalog. Since then I've bought samplers, humidors, every non-isom known to man and then recently, boxes of isoms.

The same guy that gave me the catalog said a couple of months ago regarding isoms "I don't know what all the fuss is about, I've had good cigars that are as good as _______" . Then last week, like a good friend I turned him on to a couple of isoms. He called me today and said that he had an epiphany while smoking a Party Short and sitting in the backyard. He has concluded that you can buy good DRs or Nicauraguans for $12-13.00 that although somewhat one dimensional, taste pretty good but for $5-10.00 you can buy the average isom that will leave the high dollar DRs and Nics in the dirt everytime.

Isom addictions are like the Werewolf. A BOTL turns you on to some isoms and you start sliding but you can't help but to pass it on, next thing you know you're both sliding.
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