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El Credito Review

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Had one of the El Creditos today. In case you've missed it, these are an everyday cheap Cuban cigar that is not exported. These were sent to me by my uncle in Cuba. My dad said they were one peso each (exchange rate of about 26 pesos to one dollar) or roughly 4 cents, LOL.

The draw was excellent resulting in big clouds of smoke everytime. The burn and overall construction leave something to be desired, but then again for 4 cents, I'll shut up and deal with it. The taste was definitely Cuban. I see why they say Cuba has the best tobacco in the world. It was a fantastic medium to full flavor. This cigar would make a decent everyday smoke. Not the greatest cigar in the world, but overall a well above average experience.

If the embargo is ever lifted this cigar could put a lot of other cigars out of business based on price alone. The fact that my uncle paid one peso for it made it outstanding. I will probably ask for more next time my parents go.
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Ricardo, you can bring back 100.00 worth of cigars, that means maybe 2500 cigars, unless of course they inforce the 2 box limit.:w
I have always heard about the $100 limit, but I've never seen anything official about the 2 box limit. What is the deal with the 2 box limit? Is that leaving Cuba or coming into the USA?
doesnt matter how many you bring out of stopped by cuban customs,at the airport departure area,with a few too many smokes,had the problem.never got checked by canada customs...everything worked out.think there is a 2000$ limit without a special export permit...but i wasnt close to that.

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