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Hoping this helps clear up the confusion concerning the El Creditos my parents brought back from Cuba. This is from an interview on with Ernesto Perez Carillo.

CWRM: When did you come to live in the United States?

EPC: In 1959 my father who was producing the El Credito line of cigars in Cuba was basically told that he no longer owned his line of cigars. My father was involved in politics which made matters worse. It was at that time, my father felt it best to get his family out of Cuba, so he moved us to the United States.

CWRM: Did your father also produce the LGC line in Cuba?

EPC: No. He produced the El Credito which is still being made in small limited amounts. I have not seen one in a few years, but I understand that they are still in production. The El Credito cigars are made mostly for the local Cuban population. They are not usually exported or sold outside of Cuba.

Thought it was interesting.

General has an a line of "El Credito" distributed in Europe, under a different name. I can't remember. They are now releasing this line in the US and it is blended by Ernesto and is a great stick under $5.
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