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Seriously guys, don't trade with him... He'll F you UP!! I'm feeling a bit shell shocked right now actually, just a little disoriented... Actually I'm not kidding about that, I'm really disoriented.

I didn't sleep last night and I come home to a HUGE box just now. I'm thinking "okay, well the trade was for a pound, and I ordered a couple extra ounces to try and some pipe cleaners... It sounded like he might drop a couple (2!) samples on me... I guess that should be about right??"

No. It was not about right, because this guy's crazy.

I'm not gonna do pics right now because I'm on my phone so it's a PITA, and I'm dazed. I'm tempted to leave you guys hanging until the pics, to make it more impressive, but I guess I can share now.

He sent me 1 lb of McB navy flake (vacuum sealed)
2.5 oz louisiana red (I ordered 2 oz to try)
3 extra packs of pipe cleaners on top of what I ordered
What has to be between 1 and 2 oz of LTF
1 oz+ bayou morning
1 oz G&H brown flake unscented
1 oz Irish oak
A sampling of erinmore flake
1-2 oz marble kake
.5+ oz 3Ps
And a WHOLE TIN of Irish flake!

So... Does anyone know a good therapist? Preferably one that allows smoking...

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Nate is a wild man! It wasn't even a trade and he bombed the socks off of me!

On a related note, I smoked a bowl of Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake today and wow, what a wonderful smoke indeed! I didn't have time for a cigar so I folded and stuffed the rubbed out the top half and it was incredible. I will definitely have to get more! Thanks Nate!

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Do you know how many mason jars I'm going to have to buy now?! 8 more of the wide mouths, if I don't touch that navy flake! I guess that's why you vacuum sealed it, Eh?

Not that I'm complaining or anything, lol. Seriously though, thank you, I don't know how I can repay your generosity (but I will figure it out... In your darkest hour, look to the west!).

Oh, and gave erinmore a little test run in my puff pipe, tasted good but the topping might not agree with me, I have about 2 more bowls left so I will give it another shot tomorrow. And LR smelled so good I had to close the bag up or I would have drooled in it!

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

LR has been hit or miss for me, it's weird. That batch that you got some from has that ketchupy smell and it gives me that weird sweetness of PG when I'm smoking it. I'm going to let it age and it will probably calm down a bit.

If you're not going to smoke the Navy Flake, I would just leave it in the vacuum bag.

Give the Erinmore another try at a different time of the day. The more I smoke it, the more it grows on me and now it's one of my absolute favorites up there with IF.

No worries on the repayment, it was a gift. I've been through what was hopefully my darkest hour and I wish I would have had you folks around during that time. Now that I'm in a place where I can do this, I'm just giving what I wish I had when I needed it most.

Had I thought about it, I would have sent you some jars too!
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