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I have been standing by that for a I tried a couple Lars cigars. There IS non scented Lars too.

Anyway, Hbooker talked me into trying a few (I even pulled off the side of the road and asked for one)......and I will honestly say, they are better than Drew Estates CRAP. They are not cigars I would smoke everyday, but I will agian, during the right settings.

For those not brave enough to say in public they want to try one.... :r PM me, and I see what I can do for ya. :w I will swear, I will never tell. I will leave that up to you.


BTW, it is worth trying ONE just so you can give an HONEST badmouthing if you don't like it.

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You know, people say to each their own taste.

Well, I'll admit that I do like some of the Drew Estate Naturals and I've tried several of the Acid lines (so far haven't liked any of the scented ones); but if you're talkin' about the Acid One (the only non-infused/non-scented one in that line), I have to agree that it's not a bad smoke.

I've smoked two and each was enjoyable. While I wouldn't turn a third one down, I still wouldn't put this line on my favorites list.

Hey, I like to think of myseld as a purist (to my own quirky tastes), but I do like innovation.


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Well I can certainly agree with alot of folks on this thread.

I have always been a traditionalist when it comes to cigars. The good cigars I have tried are numerious the great ones are far and few between - unless your sitting at a table with some other gorillas, then great smokes is ussually all that you see.

I have smoked many of the lars, and they have their own type of flavorings. Sometimes I put them out before they get half way, allthough those are the rare cases. Sometimes I have nubbed the thing it really deppends uppon the cigar.

The Aircatchers are the number one seller right now - they are a small cigar that comes 3 to a pack.

Without creating a great contriversay over the entire thing I say that there are a lot of people who really like these lines, but 97.5% of all of my online friends simply cant stand them and wont even be arround them. Thats ok by me. Im not the twist your arm type of guy with these things.

Of the conditioned series cigars there are currently 40 different blends and types availible. 10 types have been "inactivated" and are only found on special request

They have 2 types of Non treated cigars, but smoker beware.
These are the absolute strongest cigars I have ever smoked.
the 2 types are:
Dagars: (in sizes that follow)
Fortelaza 8" x50
Noche 5" x50
Cielo 7" x44
Gozo 6" x 42
Sombra 5-1/4" x 36

Fuego en la Noche 4-1/2" x 50

I tried the non scented (non conditioned) ones a while back and they where almost too strong.

Anyway I am certain that OPT will be able to take care of a request or two - :)

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Like Hbooker said i've always been a traditionalist when it comes to cigars, even if the band looks cheezy i'll tend to lean away from it, but that doesn't mean i'll bad mouth it, or even not try it. I'll try anything once, but of course I won't go out of my way to try an acid or lars. So either way i've never had either of them and prolly won't for a long time, if i do i'll base an honest opinion on them. Like my mother always said "To each his own" So if you like them great, if you don't great too. And there is something to be said about someone who trys something new, and thats a good thing.


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:u :u I real pretty lady that I work with gave me 3 Acid Kong Cameroon cigars for Christmas a couple of years ago. I have to say, as a change of pace, they were not that bad. Made my car smell nice for a change!
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