Hi all. Up for grabs are SIX of my Crazy Blind Samplers!

Price is $50 each; add $8 for shipping; FREE shipping on two or more samplers!

Check out my feedback here for what people have said about them in the past! "A very, very nice selection." "Always a pleasure and, never disappoints." "This was a blind sampler you will neither regret, nor find online! Do it." "Great deal and selection!" "Great cigars, well worth the price." "Another great sampler. Above and beyond what was expected" "Sampler better than I could have hoped for." "Awesome sampler! Great variety and, mostly new to me." "Blind sampler -- great selection, excited to try them!" "Blind sampler, get you hands on one if you can!!" “Great Buy, Best Samplers on Puff"

The Fine Print:
1. The cigars you get will be at least $50 MSRP, usually more, but these are BLIND samplers. If the prospect of a surprise bothers you, these samplers aren't for you!
2. Due to previous situations, please do NOT share what you received with others. I don't want any more "package envy" between buyers. Everyone will get their money's worth!
3. These are from my personal stash, so you're getting what I smoke. No crap!
4. First come, first serve.
5. PalPay Gift payment only, with NO comments in the box. See my feedback, Look me up on other forums under the same handle... I’m a trusted seller pretty much everywhere.

If you're interested, drop me a PM!