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Do you have a 'go to' cigar?

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Just wondering if anyone here ever tried a cigar that tasted so much better than any you've ever had and its kind of been your go to? I'm new to cigars and only tried a few, but I was wondering if anyone could help with recommending me something that would suit me? (I have yet to find one that i really enjoy, although a few that i had were nice)

I am really looking for something with more 'herbal' notes, a lighter cigar that is easy going. The best description would be 'being in a sauna' something that chills you out more than 'sets your throat on fire'. (beginner pov)

Since I'm new to cigars please forgive me if I am totally not getting how it works, but recommendations would be appreciated, and preferably under £20/$25
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts