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Do you have a 'go to' cigar?

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Just wondering if anyone here ever tried a cigar that tasted so much better than any you've ever had and its kind of been your go to? I'm new to cigars and only tried a few, but I was wondering if anyone could help with recommending me something that would suit me? (I have yet to find one that i really enjoy, although a few that i had were nice)

I am really looking for something with more 'herbal' notes, a lighter cigar that is easy going. The best description would be 'being in a sauna' something that chills you out more than 'sets your throat on fire'. (beginner pov)

Since I'm new to cigars please forgive me if I am totally not getting how it works, but recommendations would be appreciated, and preferably under £20/$25
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Considering where your registration shows you located, I'd say give Fonseca a try. Can't go into too much detail in open forum, but that's one we don't get here in the USA that should meet your criteria.
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My go to cigars lately have been Padron maduro delicias, tatuaje havana vi lanceros, and oliva v lanceros.

Interestingly, I found the box of the padron delicias at the bottom of one of my humidors that's been sitting there for about 10 years. It's been one of the smoothest cigars I've smoked thus far, and it still has all the chocolate/coffee flavors. I need to set aside more boxes of these.
Most all Padrons age well, and not all NC's necessarily do. The 1000's series are another good bet; fairly reasonably priced (compared to the various Anniversary Padrons), good cigars to start with, but great cigars with some significant age on 'em.
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