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Diamind Crown Maximus No.5 Review

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Okay well, I recieved a bunch of these in a trade I made over at CW. I have heard alot of great things of this cigar, which was introduced in this years RTDA. I was searching high and low for these things, and they where more elusive than the Opus to find, but I got some, so here goes. I tried the robusto, this cigar was a chocolate colored cigar, with great construction, the outer leaf was a leathery Opus looking appearance. The band is striking in its look, the pre-smoke aroma was appealing, with earthy hints of coffee/earthy aroma. I decided to try a punch on the end, but the draw was too tight, I had to result to a straight cut. The draw was still tight but not overly so. I decided to smoke this cigar with a lager beer since it was warm outside, and hell I just wanted a beer. The initial smell with the first touch of flame was pleasant, it had a mixture of earthy grass and wood aroma. The draw was nice and the taste was great, absolutly no bitterness found. This cigar reminded me of a young Opus, with its initial spicy/peppery taste. This only lasted for the 1st 1/3 of the smoke. After this the cigar settled down to a very nice earthy cedar like taste. I was unsure what to expect from this cigar since I have not seen very many reviews on it. I found the taste of earth/cedar continued all the way to the nub, with the flavor complex in nature. I found it tough to pin down exactly all the flavors, but it was of medium strength and had moderate amount of smoke production, the ash did flake a bit, but did not distract from the overall enjoyment. I found the cigar burned evenly and overall the construction was great. The only thing I found wrong was the filler was a tad bit tight, but not overlly so. Overall I would say this is a great smoke, the price is not too bad for what you get, and hopefully when production is in full swing not hard to get.

Construction - 4.00

Taste - 4.50

Value - 4.00

Overall - 4.25 (On a scale of 0 to 5)

Here is the info I have on this cigar

Diamond Crown comes in the following sizes

Corona No.1 (50 x 8)

Churchill No. 2 (50 x 7)

Pyramid No.3 (50 x 6 3/8)

Toro No.4 (50 x 6)

Robusto No.5 (50 x 5)

The prices that I have seen online vary from $9.00 to $16.00 per cigar. I have not seen any dealer with any instock.
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