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Dead Space for PS3 - Dead Space Playstation 3 - Dead Space PS3 Game

I'm glad I picked this game up. I bought about 6 games for Christmas and decided to get Dead Space since it received a 9.0 rating from gamespot and it was only $20.00.

Its a sci-fi space shooter, survival/horror game. If your a fan of the Resident Evil series you will love it. Its very dark and gory.

You are part of a repair team going to the space station Ishimura for "routine repairs". It's an extremely large space station above a planet where they mine all type of materials; cobalt, silicon, osmium, etc. The space station inhabits around 2,000 employees, miners, scientists, researchers, etc. On arrival you notice no one is around, eventually you encounter some type of mutant alien life form. You learn that these mutants killed the crew members and infested them. With your shuttle destroyed, you are now trapped and have to battle through the alien life forms while you try to escape the space station.

You get a cool arsenal of sci-fi weapons and gear. The easiest way to defeat the aliens is to sevre their limbs by shooting them off. Its quite gory and totally awesome.

Real fun game.

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This game is amazing. Next to Resident Evil 4 its the best survival horror game ever. I probably liked Dead Space better because its actually scary and it has the most insane monsters I've ever seen. Plus you can shoot their limbs off! Can't wait for Dead Space 2!
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