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Recently had the pleasure of smoking a Davidoff-Manhattan exclusive house brand called Super Selection. Received each size #11-corona, #12-churchill and #13-robusto from them, ask for Mike or online at davidoffmadison- very helpful, and wow what a great surprise. My personal favorite, from this line as well as all nc's, was the #11. This cigar lit up easily and from the first puff received a delicious mouthful of power. Very similar to a vsg or even an opusx but half the cost. Each drag was full of excellent smooth spicy richness with a perfect draw and burn. The powerful flavor never relented and for a corona was cool and slow down to my fingers. Top rate sun grown wrapper around ligero filler was amazing for an exclusive house brand. A must try as well as the robusto and churchill which started slower while developing more and more of a powerful punch.

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Re: Davidoff's Super Selection

this is an old post but i have smoked about five of these, this was one of the first sticks i smoked since i took smoking seroiusly and is by far one of my favorites.. visually it has a beautiful wrapper that after a month or more in the humi out of the cello builds a tempting semi gloss appearance as a light oil builds. the construction is perfect with a great burn and perfect draw. it is a full flavor with some pleasant spice but maintains a thick rich cool creamy texture. my interpertation is a bi-polar stick it wants to be mild smooth and creamy but it has a spice and full flavor that makes its self present toped off with an intoxicating fragrance that every cigar should have.

BTW this was my first review, just thinking abotu the pleasure of smoking these willed me to contribute my interpritation of this stick in the hopes others will try it and suffer from the same appreciation i have for this stick.

the last four i picked up where froma fresh box and definately need some age.. i need to pick up a box of these though..
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