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I bought a few of these sticks (very expensive IMHO @ $14/stick) to try because I've liked the other Davidoffs I've had and I am a maduro fan in genereal. This is the newest of the Davidoff maduro line, a small stick at 4.5" x 46. I note that according to Davidoff, this a not a true maduro, but a sun-grown Nicaraguan leaf they call a "natural maduro" what ever that might mean...

First the good news... Construction is excellent. Burn line never varied, draw was a little tight, but not too hard and consistent with every other Davidoff I've ever had. This little cigar smoked about 40 minutes (and I still had over an inch to go when I put it down)...

Alas besides the price, the bad news was all in the flavor, at least for me. Certainly no one can accuse this cigar of being flavorless. In fact it was quite strong in flavor, but the dominant flavor throughout was a strong cedar sourness. This was especially strong in the first inch and did mellow a bit, but it never left the cigar, and what other flavors I could detect, some nut and maybe a little leather, were always pushed aside by the sourness of the wood. I know some people like this flavor, but I do not particularly, and so this very expensive stick did not sit well with my palate. It was pretty consistent throughout though, what flavors there were coming through through the middle 2/3 of the cigar. I was also disappointed in how bitter/hot/ashy it got in the last 1.5 inch. A lot of cigars do that for me, but I have had a few I could smoke down to about 1/2 inch including the Davidoff Gran Cru #1, so I was hoping at least that this stick would do well at the nub end too... Alas, it did not, and I was smoking pretty slowly...

So IMHO, unless you like that strong cedar taste, let this one go...
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