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Well the Trip is ending and I sit here at the Amsterdam Int’l Airport at 06:30 smoking a BBF, I decide to take some time to talk about the trip while I enjoy this most awesome cigar at the Mc Donald’s food court. My layover is only 5 hours so I am sticking around to do some write-ups.

Let’s see, landed at the airport in Larnaka on Monday night where we met up with our friend. We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and ended up at Greek night at some hotel. It was a Greek food buffet and 2 Greek singers for entertainment (kind of reminded me of the movie Ishtar LMAO). Food was good, lots of fish, cheese, fresh veggies and fruits were consumed.

Maybe it was not the music or the food that made it a fun evening, but the cigars our friend gave us. The package included a cutter, a lighter, and the cigars included a Solomon, and various Cohiba Siglos including a Sig 3, 4, and 6. Nice way to enjoy Greek night eh??? Rony also gave us Trinidad Robusto Extras to enjoy with our Greek meal. Man what a treat it was, the Robusto Extra was from a 5 pack and it packed a punch. This cigar had flavors of earthiness and leather, with a nice long earthy finish. It was constructed very well, firm yet great draw. I have smoked these from dress box, I can say the 5 packs are much more stronger and full bodied over their dress box clone siblings.

Then we left Greek night to do some clubbing at some local clubs, but I was just too tired from 15 hours of flying, so I ended up going back to the hotel. Dan and Larry joined me back at the hotel where we all ended up hanging out at the balcony, enjoying fine Cohiba Corona Especiales followed by Cohiba Siglo 1. The evening was warm and humid but not uncomfortable. Listening to the sea waves of the Mediterranean while smoking Cohibas is always a soothing, and relaxing experience. The Cohiba Corona Especial was nice and had sweet earthy flavors, not too powerful to the palate but just right amount of flavor to make this a very palatable and most wonderful smoking experience. Wonderful cigar for anytime of the day and it had everything you could expect from Cohiba. The Siglo 1 on the other hand was a little palate bomb, full of earthy acidic flavors and aggressive on the palate. This little cigar will surely please even the season cigar smoker who wants a little excitement and a quick smoke.

Side note: This BBF I am smoking right now is a wonderful cigar, full of earthy flavors with some leather hints and strong Cuban tobacco flavors very reminiscent of great Bolivars. I don’t know the date info on these but they are from a Dress Box. I just snaped a photo of my lap top and me enjoying my BBF (in the ashtray). The photo also shows what I am going to smoke next, the Siglo VI on top of my notebook computer.

Puff Puff Puff Puff … Ok, now where was I, oh yeah, so we finally called it a night at about 3am, the jet lag working in our favor, we were able to stay up late and really enjoy the cigars without being overly tired.

Tuesday came and we went to visit the warehouses located at Limasol. There we saw their Cyprus offices, and met some of the people who work there. We then went to the warehouse where they have “millions” of cigars stored in Master Cases. We saw wall-to-wall cigars that will blow your mind with amazement. Man the warehouse was just nice to hang out in since it has a nice strong AC unit. It was BLAZING hot and humid out side so we did not want to leave the warehouse.

It is here in the warehouse where we saw the First master case of the HdM Petit Robusto. It is neat little cigar, about the size of a PC but with the ring gauge of a Robusto. This cigar had a nice medium tan wrapper, with thin veins, very nice to look at. Firm to the touch, it had a wonderful draw. These exhibited good earthy Cuban tobacco flavors. They are a bit spicy and rough, these cigars will age well. I highly recommend you get these when they become available.

I don’t recall what we did after visiting the Cyprus warehouse and offices, but I am sure it included eating, usually seafood and other assorted Greek foods, and usually lots of it. Our friend tends to “over order” the meals, it is mind blowing.

At this point, we probably went back to the hotel and prepared for dinner, probably ended up at some nice place where we had mass amounts of sea foods, and other stuff. We then went back to the hotel where we ended up back on the balcony smoking more Cohibas while engaging in good conversation from idle chit chat, to business, to politics. All discussions are more fun while smoking FINE COHIBAS (BIG smile).

Day 3 we met up with this really nice gentlemen named Robert. He is a finance professional for our friends. This man was on the ball with his sports, it was impressive. We wanted updates on the Olympics and Robert literally knew everything. Scores, events, action, he knew medal counts, what events took place, what was going on, he was a walking live ESPN channel. Amazing how much he knew about sports. Baseball, football, Olympics, he knew it all. He said he watches a lot of ESPN on TV. I say his brain is hard wired to ESPN.

Okay where was I…Day 3 we went to the mountains of Cyprus, we saw the British military base, and we ended up at this cool little town where we took our lunch. I love the mountains since it is much cooler and way less humid then the coastal resorts region. We ended up at this sea food restaurant. It seems everything on the menu was ordered. We had all kinds of seafood delights from grouper to sea bass, assorted cheeses, humus, and other yogurt and milk stuff. Too funny we would eat and get full, just to see course after course coming to the table. It was really uncomfortable all the food we would eat. I think “our friend” got a big kick out of it, I am sure our faces was like what you would see at Thanks Giving after over eating 9000 calorie meals and asking for seconds. LMAO.

Anyway we left the mountains and ended up at Paphoes, where they had ancient Greek ruins. It was so darn hot and humid, it was hard to enjoy seeing these ancient ruins. But we did and we had fun. More food and more food, eaaat eaaat, NOOOOOOOO please stop already. hehehehehehehe…

Enough for now about Cyprus. I am sure Mike S will cover this in more detail. As for exact times of events, I am just not sure, I totally lost track of time and I have no clue what days of week we were on most of the time.

Okay clipping the Siglo VI, while I am enjoying reading the some Magazines here at the airport.

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excellent story... even if i would've won, i would've had to turn the trip down due to business.

i just got a "baggie" in today from cyprus... and i had to have one on the drive into work...


i don't know how the heck i would've faired over there, i'm not big into seafood... of course i wouldn't have overate, then had to walk around. i know for sure i would've loved to have seen those ruins, and just the countryside in gerneral.

don't worry about the flight home, it always takes less time to get back.

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Sunds like a great time! Also sounds a little like where I am currently with too much humidity and heat and mosquito's the size of 747's and they aren't like the red cross here; they don't ask to take your blood, they just take it! lol

Of course I didn't smoke as many nice cigars as you did Mikey, but I'll bet you are bringing us back some of those wonderful new cigars you tests! ;-)

Hurry back home so we can see all your awesome pictures from this trip since I never saw your pictures from the last trip! :cool:

Be safe and maybe we'll see you next weekend?
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