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Cugine Maduro Torpedo

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Here is my review of the Cugine Maduro Torpedo Cigar:

This cigar is made by Arganese Cigars for Joe Giannascoli (Vito from the Sopranos). Construction as with all Arganese Cigars is perfect and this cigar had a very nice oily Maduro wrapper. Draw and burn was perfect as well. Initially, I got a blast of pepper which quickly faded into the background behind a sweet black cherry flavor with a leathery undertone. This cigar is on the fuller side of medium with a long finish that didn't change much in taste from the beginning which was very good. This cigar never got hot or harsh even until the end which I nubbed. Retail price on the Robusto is $7.50 which is very reasonable. I liked this cigar and I think if you like a nice med-full bodied maduro with that sweet black cherry taste, you should definitely try this cigar.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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