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Hi, haven't posted here in awhile. Thought I would post a review of the Cuaba Divinos. I purchased these about a year ago and have gone thru maybe a half dozen since then. I haven't touched them in awhile, so I decided to spark one up this evening. :ss I must admit, my experience with Habanos is limited. I'm pretty sure these are an '06 batch, I don't have the box here to check the actual code.

Enviroment: At my Fiance's house, backyard drinking a beer.

Pre-Light/Construction - Just a general Tobacco smell, Excellent Construction. I recall at least one plugged cigar in the 6 or so I have smoked out of this box but this one wasn't.

1st Third - These are kind of strange at first, considering the construction. It takes a couple of minutes to get into the meat of the cigar so the flavor is fairly mild. Once things kick in it had predominantly wood and leather flavors...With a bit of toast.

2nd Third - Pretty much the same flavor profile with some slight pepper flavors shining thru. A bit of sweetness I can't put my finger on? Not really sure how to describe it. I guess my palate isn't developed enough yet.

Last Third - Wood, Leather, Nutty, and that sweet flavor I can't describe. Oh and the toastyness was back pretty strong. I nubbed it.

Overall Strength - Medium

Big Picture: I dig these, nice quick smoke. It had a few burn issues but nothing substantial. They tend to tunnel toward the end and they require a little bit of help throughout the experience, but nothing to be afraid of. My Blazer did a good job of correcting these minor issues. Kinda funny, the ash makes a little Sombrero. :D

Hope you enjoyed my review, these little Cigars are worth checkin out. :tu
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